Carelia™ offers new boxes for pen sets. Paper boxes are made neutral to free more space and possibilities for customer’s imprintings. Boxes are of black and silver colours and inside rubber band is made to hold one, two or three pens.



Gel pen is not a novelty. Gel ink was first developed by a Japanese pen manufacturer in 1984.
Later different manufacturers modified the ink with their own recipes. In comparison to Ballpoint pen and Roller pen, the shelf life of Gel pen is unfortunately a bit shorter. Why Gel pen have shorter shelf life? The main reason is Flexible viscosity property of the ink. The viscosity of gel ink is very high during the static state and turn into very low during the writing state due to ball rotation. With passing of time, the difference in viscosity widens, causing the defect in writing quality resulting the shorter shelf life.
That’s why gel pens stayed for a long time more popular as a stationary rather than communication product. However, now a few manufacturers of gel ink has developed product with controlled viscosity.

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TC ball
Carelia™ changes ballpoint pens refills for even better ones. Until beginning of this year we have used high-quality refills of German origin in all our ballpoint pens. Our customers and we ourselves were quite satisfied with this production, but still we decided to move further. The reason is that we would like to provide maximum of what we are capable at, not just simply a good quality. So, from the second half of the year we will assemble to all Carelia™ ballpoint pens in-house made refill. Which will consists of Premec 1,0mm Floating Ball® Stainless-steel housing and Tungsten carbide ball mechanism and ink of the same manufacturer to match the system. Jumbo metal refills with those fittings will produce line over 5000 meters and will have very smooth writing.

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Three reasons to visit our booth are:
  • We will introduce new models;
  • We will show new coatings and barrel's finishes;
  • Discount 25% on all samples ordered during the Fair.